Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Take 38 - Rescued love from Taiwan and Leo

Recently we adopted another Golden. Leo, formerly Homer, is about 7 years old and a rescue from Taiwan. Thanks to Rescued love from Taiwan and Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue, he was brought to California, along with many of his pals.

 In Taiwan, Goldens are the most popular dogs. The are the favorites because of their temperament and beauty and because of the symbol of the word "gold" to Asian people the world over. However, once grown, they are let go, set free, abandoned on the streets. One common excuse is they are too big for the small apartments. Thanks to rescue groups in Taiwan who are in contact with rescue groups in California, the dogs are rescued, cared for through medical needs such as neutering/spaying, cleaned and groomed, fed and then flown to California where they are in great demand. They often have a temperament that is more akin to puppies because they lack the proper training and do not understand English commands.

 We had been thinking of adopting another Golden and when we were told there was one from Taiwan, we decided to go have a look at him at the foster home in Burlingame. Homer, now Leo, was smaller than Rocco. He was very friendly. Maybe too friendly as he immediately started chewing on David's shoes and jean bottoms. Regardless, I was in love. I knew I had to keep my head and my heart in check but hey, how can you with a Golden. We got acquainted for a while and then went to get Rocco who was waiting in our car. Rocco was not impressed and started humping Leo, a sign of control and domination. To diffuse any further battle of the top dog, we decided to go for a walk with both of them. The walk went pretty well so we decided to adopt him and take him home. Papers were signed and a donation to Norcal given and we were on our way.

Things went very smoothly and Leo arrived at his new home. It has now been over a month and while we are keeping an eye on any change in their behavior, all is going very well. Leo adapted very easily to our routine and to his place in the dog pecking order. Rocco has also been most generous and he seems to understand that Leo is new and needs a bit more attention. Walking with them was a lesson too. At first I thought a Y attachment would be the solution but I was quickly made aware of the contrary. Because Leo was not used to walking on the left as Rocco, he would go to the right and I would end up with the Y behind my knees. I changed both leashes for leather ones and got two leashes. Strangely enough, I suddenly had more control holding both leashes with one hand and they got the hang of walking side by side on the left. So what was challenging at first soon worked itself out. Going for a bath at Pet Food Express was another question I had. I had seen a lady there once with Labs and here is how she did it: she tethered one dog to one of the metal loops while she bathed the other one. When she was done, she would simply switch dogs. I tried the same thing and it worked wonderfully for me and they too.

Having two dogs is not double the trouble as one might be inclined to think. You just have to think creatively and it becomes as easy as having a single one. Ok, double the food bill and double the vet visit bill but it's all worth it. They are angels put on this earth to enrich our lives and to entertain us. Both of ours are real clowns in a Golden suit.

So having two dogs is a double blessing and now our house is doubly filled with Golden love.

For more information on adoptions, Google
Rescued love from Taiwan or
Norcal Golden Retriever

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