Monday, November 17, 2014

Take 34 - Golden Retriever - Rocco - our new love ! -

Take 34 - Golden Retriever - Rocco - our new Love !
It's been almost nine months and we have been in love from day 2. Rocco, picked us. He felt our pain. The interviewer from Norcal Golden Retriever felt it too when she came to meet us at home and get to know us. That pain was raw and tears were close by and ready to roll down our faces but we powered through it and finally, we set up a date to meet our potential new companion. We were also asked if we wanted a young puppy or would go with an older Golden. To us it really made no difference because we had established that young or old, it was the luck of the draw.  You could have a young who could get sick at 5, like our Taylor, or have an older very healthy one. So really it meant no difference to us. A few days later we got to meet our new friend at his foster home in Mountain View. We played ball in the back yard with him and noticed his great energy. He went non stop after the ball and interacted with us. We also got to go for a walk. He was not great on leash and it was easy to tell that that dog had not been taught to walk in a disciplined manner but had had a lot of fetch time. His body was slim and streamlined. He did not have a bulky frame. So that was it, we were taking him home. Papers were signed and recommendations were made and off we went with our new pal.

Since March, he has brought nothing but joy to us. At first he would be a bit shy and quiet, a bit as if he wanted to be on his best behavior and make sure we would keep him. He had been shuffled through a few homes in the past few months.  So, bit by bit he started showing us his true personality. Very well trained with outstandingly nice manners, he made us realize what a bonus it was to adopt an older dog. His age is not precise as the papers showed two different date but according to our vet he would be between 8-10, based on the wear and tear of this eeth.

We really lucked out with Rocco. Adopting an older dog is something else altogether and does not always have to mean more health problems or assorted vet bills. Rocco is in great health and has the energy of a much younger dog. He runs, he swims, he can play fetch non stop and is always a willing participant at play time.

I would like to highly recommend Norcal Golden Retriever. Their members are totally dedicated to Golden Retrievers and do their job with passion. They do their research on the dogs that are surrendered by thoroughly evaluating them and doing an in-depth one  on one with future owners. They come and visit your home and look at your environment asking questions and making suggestions (if need be) as to how to improve your living conditions to increase your possibilities of success with your new pet and ensure the dog’s welfare. They also have a website that should be visited to get the idea of what they are all about.

Lastly, if you love dogs, live with one or more dogs and would like a good read, I highly recommend the following book:

Daytripping by David Rosenfelt.

However, just one word of caution, make sure you have lots of tissue available while reading. At least one story in that book, if not more, will have you crying for sure, but it’s all good. Great praise go to this author and his wife for their dedication and generosity. You will not be able to put the book down, unless it is to go blow your nose or wipe your eyes.

Enjoy !