Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take 17 - It happened just the other evening ......

It happened just the other night ......

I was just about to start preparing dinner when I heard on the news that a gunman had been spotted on the San Jose City College campus and that the school was now in 'lockdown'. This, only four days after the horrific event in Connecticut ! Someone had called the police to say a man carrying a gun had been seen on campus. The previous day, another call had come in with the caller claiming a person on campus was brandishing a knife. SJCC is a 5-minute walk from where we live. It's located on a very large landscaped and treed lot which includes many buildings, a football field, a fastball field, indoor and outdoor parking lots, and loads of other installations. I often go walking there with our Golden Retriever. Everyone is always very cool about him, stopping to pet him and ask questions about him and on weekends, I often leave him off leash to run on the grassy areas. In a few minutes, I started hearing helicopters hovering nearby. I could see through my kitchen window that the spotlights were on at the school's football field. David, who usually walks home from his shuttle stop and passes right in front of SJCC every night, was going to get a lift home that evening. I would pick him up. I also have to drive by the school to go get him so soon observed that  part of the street was blocked with police cars and several members of a SWAT team could be seen searching around. It was a scary scene, even if I just saw it for a few seconds from my car window. Then, after a few hours and to make a long story short, it was reported that the whole thing had been a hoax. However, SJPD and the SWAT team did not treat it as a hoax and proved they could be there in a hurry, if need be. A reporter on tv made a connection with the fact that it was also exam time. Could someone actually be so STUPID to commit such an act as stage a hoax to avoid taking his or her final exam ??? I suppose, in this day and age, the answer would be yes.  Such an operation deploying personnel and equipment is not only extremely costly but nerve wracking for personnel and students at the school. Some students and teachers stayed locked many hours in several classes until they received the all clear from authorities. Not to speak of people living in the neighborhood who were very disturbed by the event. The news report also mentioned there would be a follow-up to trace the call and text sent in to the SJPD.

The very next day, Taylor and I resumed our walk through the Campus and even sat on ''our bench'', enjoying the sunshine. Yes, we do have our bench where he drags me each time either to drink water to just to chill. He jumps up and sits close beside me. Such a smart dog. Thank God it was only a hoax !

 I have been meaning to talk about La Gruellense, which is a Drive-Thru taco place located on San Carlos, in downtown San Jose. The tacos there literally melt in your mouth. There are several tables outside but the best part is the drive-thru where you speak face-to-face with a smiling employee to place your order wait a few minutes and are on your way home or office or park to enjoy your delicious tacos. So far, we have enjoyed the chicken and carnitas ones. There are a few other items on the menu but so far, we have only been drooling over those two. Here is the address: 400 West San Carlos Street. Oh, and did I mention they are dirt cheap ?  It's really a win/win !

And, while we are on the subject of food, here is another wonderful and easy recipe.

California Guacamole
2 avocados
1 small white onion chopped
1 garlic clove minced
1 ripe tomato chopped
1 lime juiced
Salt + Pepper to taste

Peel avocados and put them in a medium bowl, mashing them with a fork against the bowl. Stir in onion, garlic, tomato and lime juice + salt and pepper. Chill 30 minutes to blend flavors.

Bon app├ętit !